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Our mediation will go through several stages. The first will be to meet and identify all the issues and get the history of the marriage, including the date of separation. After the first session, we will then start work on the required financial disclosures. Each party will have to complete and sign their Preliminary Declaration of Disclosures. In order for the mediation to be effective, both parties have to reveal all the assets and debts. If one party does not reveal everything, mediation will not work. More importantly, there are serious legal and financial consequences that can result from a failure to disclose.


Once the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosures are completed, we then will meet to discuss how to divide the property. We will provide various options to deal with the family home, bank accounts, retirement, and debts. Nothing is final until the final written agreement is signed, but we will have both parties nail down their positions and come to a compromise.


Following the property division, we will then work out custody and visitation schedules. We will meet and discuss where there is agreement and then help both parties flesh out their disagreements. We will also provide information that will help for future situations for inclusion in the final written agreement.


Once custody and visitation is settled, we will deal with child and spousal support. There are times that property division may be revisited.


Once all the issues are discussed and agreed upon, we will prepare the final judgment and forms, execute them, and file it with the court. We will discuss what can be modified and what should not be modifiable. At the end you will have a rock solid judgment prepared by an experienced Orange County divorce mediator.

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