Orange County Family Law Attorney Hogan W. Song

Hogan W. Song is an outstanding and experienced Mission Viejo and Orange Divorce and Family Law Attorney

A graduate of Loyola Law School (consistently ranked in the top 75 law schools in the nation), Hogan W. Song attended law school in the evenings while working and raising a young family. At Loyola Law School, he was a staff member and senior research editor of the International and Comparative Law Review. He also attended U.C. Davis on scholarship and obtained his Masters Degree in English (graduating Magna Cum Laude). While he loved his time as an Aggie, he is also an alumnus of the University of Southern California graduating with two degrees – one in English and one in Political Science (Honors). While at USC he worked all four years and was on the Dean’s list.

After passing the bar exam (the first time), Hogan worked at some of Orange County most prestigious law firms. Seeing the need for a better approach to serving clients, he devoted himself to providing quality family law representation at affordable prices.

Hogan is active in the community having served on his neighborhood little league board for 8 years. He was also a coach for 6 years. He also spends time volunteering with various organizations supporting families and children. He has been married for 21 years and has 3 sons, one in college and two in high school.

Affordable Orange County Appeals Attorney

Along with his experience in all areas of family law, he is also a successful appellate attorney. His victories in the Marriage of Shimkus case and Marriage of Shattuck and Moss have had far-reaching implications. Marriage of Shimkus dealt with spousal support, the disentitlement doctrine, evidentiary issues for declarations, and attorney’s fees. Marriage of Shattuck and Moss dealt with post-judgment modification of child support and attorney’s fees. His successes at the appeals level has had a tremendous effect on his trial court cases.

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