Orange County Divorce Mediation – How to Have an Amicable Divorce

Mediation Done Right

Who should help mediate my divorce?

First, you should use a licensed attorney and an experienced firm. An unlicensed attorney cannot provide the proper guidance to ensure a fair and equitable resolution. Second, you should use an experienced family law attorney who knows how courts will determine child support, spousal support, and property division. If an attorney is never/rarely in court, how do they know? They don’t.

Uncontested Divorce

You don’t have to go to court to get divorced. If both parties agree on all issues, you can have an attorney put together all the forms and draft an enforceable agreement. Here is where a flat fee arrangement works well. Negotiate with an attorney to complete your uncontested divorce. If you use a paralegal or document preparation service, it is likely that issues will be missed and judgments could get rejected, or worse your judgment can get set aside months or years later because of a legal mistake made by the non-attorney who prepared your judgment. If you want to go with a non-attorney because of costs consider that an experienced orange county family law attorney may not charge that much more than the non-attorney you are hiring.

You’ve Agreed on Most Issues

When there is disagreement on only a few issues, mediation can still be a great option. Getting a third party neutral to lay out the facts and the likelihood of what an Orange County court would order can help you resolve those final disputed issues.


You can hire an experienced Orange County family law attorney on a flat fee basis to help both parties navigate the contested issue. You can also do an hourly fee arrangement and monitor your billing to keep costs down.

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